Son of a Lutheran minister in southern China and brought up in poverty and unimaginable hardship before and during the Second World War, Uncle Joe made himself into a Hong Kong industrial icon as he became the manufacturer of most of the world’s Star Wars action figures in the last quarter of the 20th century. Yet his “joy of living” rests on his untiring consumption of cha shao. Uncle Joe said: “Is there a better existence than enjoying great food every day? I am in my nineties, maybe cha shao gave me my long life, good health and good fortune.” The amount of char shao he can devour in one sitting would astonish many men decades younger. Our casual dining concept is inspired by Uncle Joe’s passion for food while living the good life. He would like to share his appreciation of Hong Kong culinary art with friends everywhere. Uncle Joe’s, a Hong Kong Bistro should be proof that casual dining can be culinary art too. Our proprietary recipes and our commitment to authenticity is the incomparable quality of our brand. This restaurant concept is a heart-felt tribute to an extraordinary man’s good taste for life and for food, created by his four sons, all physicians and surgeons in the United States.


Welcome to the Team

We are happy that you are on board and look forward to working with each and every one of
you. Uncle Joe’s a Hong Kong Bistro offers what will be a great job and it is also a fun place for
you to enjoy on your days off. If you are a food, beverage and entertainment person like us and
try to do your best at all times, you will be amazed at how fun this job can be. As part of our
team at Uncle Joe ’ s we ask that you do your best and have some fun here. We believe that the
success and growth of our employees will lead to our success and growth as a company. This
manual will help start you out on the right foot by providing you with our policies and
We strive to achieve guest service at a higher level than any restaurant of our type or size. We
want to provide our guests with nearly anything they could ask for in an evening out: engaging
food, eclectic beverage offerings, an innovative design theme… and of course, your exceptional
service. We, as the management team, are always looking for new ideas to increase the
number of guests that we serve and for ways to make them happier once we have them in the
door, so please bring us your suggestions whenever they come up. We consider each
employee, once trained, to be an expert in his/her position, so we are very interested in what
you have to say. This handbook brings together many of Uncle Joe’s a Hong Kong Bistro
policies and procedures. Please read the handbook to become familiar with its contents. If you
have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to discuss them with any member of the
management team.

Again, welcome. We are pleased to have you on the team.

Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro